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IPV Connect

IPV Connect is a premier IPTV and Internet Service Provider. We offer your community the absolute cutting-edge in digital Television and Internet, all via one strong data connection.

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IPV Connect's Streaming Television Packages are truly the way everyone wants to watch TV. Get all the channels you love, the apps you love, and more. All on a more efficient reliable platform.

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Fiber Internet


IPV Connect is an experience installer of fiber internet systems for large communities and MDU facilities. Contact us to discuss having fiber internet connected to every unit or home on your property.

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Fiber-Optic Internet brings your property the internet speeds of the future. Upgrade your community to a future-proof network, and lightning-fast internet.


IPTV delivers incredible picture quality and all of your favorite channels. Ask our team about locals, packages, and premium channels for your homes.


VOIP phone services utilize the same lightning-fast internet speeds on our fiber-optic network. One network, streaming the best of all home media.


IPV Connect specializes in Fiber-Optic Network installations and services. Our lightning-fast internet speeds deliver up to 1 GIG (1000mbps) of data streaming directly to your homes, condos, and apartment complexes.
Upgrade your smart phone, computer, tablet, and gaming experiences with fiber-optic internet from IPV Connect.
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IPTV Programming

IPTV is the most revolutionary advancement in television since broadcasting began. Relax and watch your favorite channels, shows, movies, and apps all on a more reliable network. 200+ channels delivered directly over your internet connection. Contact us to ask how IPTV can be delivered to your properties or community.

VOIP Phone Services

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) takes your complicated phone system and streamlines it across your internet signal. Clearer voice communications, cheaper extension costs, more features, and just one bill. Contact us for pricing!